Polarized Eyewear

An enjoyable way to spend a morning is fishing on the side of a lake or in a boat. But if you get headaches from squinting against the glare coming off the water, your perfect morning could be ruined. Save your morning by wearing polarized eyewear.

When the sun hits horizontal surfaces, such as water, horizontally polarized light is reflected. This light causes the bright, painful glare associated with water, car windows, and other reflective surfaces. Polarized light coming off water can cause headaches, make it hard to see while driving a boat, and decrease your likelihood of catching fish because you can’t see through the water.

Wearing polarized eyewear can reduce the glare by up to 98%! Reducing the glare will decrease blurriness and allow you to see through the water better. You can catch more fish when you see them.

There are many options when choosing polarized eyewear. If you intend to wear the glasses only while fishing, you don’t have to worry about the materials used in lens construction. Fishing is a low-impact sport, and it is not likely you will break the glasses by falling or running into someone else. This holds true for frames, as well. Choose frames that you will be comfortable wearing for long periods of time, especially on hot mornings. You don’t want to purchase lenses that will help you fish and not want to wear them due to uncomfortable frames.

The tint of the lenses will depend on when you like to fish. Early morning and late evening fishermen will need to block less light, while midday fishermen may want maximum tint. To block less light, choose a rose tinted lens. Gray or brown lenses will block more light.

Any style of polarized eyewear is great for those who enjoy fishing.